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Virginia Bell Gallery

    Virginia Bell first came into the public's eye on the burlesque circuit in the mid 1950's. With her natural assets (48-24-36) she became a head-liner from the start and was billed as Virginia (Ding Dong) Bell. With the decline of the burlesque circuit many of the stars moved on to work in nightclubs and even Las Vegas, but Virginia stuck it out on the circuit until only a few venues were operating.

    Although long associated with the burlesque circuit, Virginia is probably more recognized for her photo spreads in the "girlie" magazines. Her first magazine cover was in September 1956 for Night and Day. While she appeared in many different magazines she was most closely associated with Fling, which later proclaimed her the definitive Flinggirl.

    Atop her five foot two frame, Virginia's breasts are an imposing sight and became her trademark. Although in this age of silicone some may have surpassed her "all natural" endowments, few will exceed her personal appeal.

Much of this information gathered from the book Bombshells by Steve Sullivan

The photos on this page have been collected over a period of time from
the net and original location has been forgotten, so as much as I would like to
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