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Virginia Bell Movies

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I Remember....Virginia Bell
And who wouldn't? California-born Virginia Bell will ding-dong her way into your heart when you see this special collection of the busty beauty's best, most erotic footage. A popular 1950s girlie magazine staple and the star of the 1963 softcore classic "Bell, Bare and Beautiful," this nudie cutie's joyful abandon and delicious dance routines (not to mention her awe-inspiring 48-inch bust) are unforgettable!
Classic Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 4
Looking for vintage vamps from days gone by? Then check out this collection of nudie cutie films that celebrate the beauty of some of the greatest sweater girls of the 1950s. Includes nine loops featuring the timeless sex appeal of Virginia Bell and five shorts showcasing the statuesque wonder that is Sherrie Knight.
Classic Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 5
Virginia Bell and Sherrie Knight are stuck in sweaters so tight and itchy, they just have to take them off. And, wouldn't you know it, Michelle Angelo and Georgia Holden find that they feel so refreshed after they give their ample chests a good airing.
Classic Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 9
Take a journey back to yesteryear, when the strippers were all-natural but still very busty, for this vintage footage featuring the ladies at their best. Witness a never-before-scene clip from the vivacious Busty Brown; Ann Cooper dazzles in a rare stag reel; Sherrie Knight showcases a sexy black brassiere; Georgia Holden makes her debut; and Virginia Bell performs her famous "Blonde in the Bathtub" routine.
Titillating TaTa's Vol. 4
Guys, throw away your X-Ray Specs and prepare to take long looks at some luscious ladies "udderly" dispossessed of their tops! Virginia Bell, Paula Page, Busty Brown, Sherrie Knight, and Allison Sanborn are on hand (don't you wish) flaunting their funbags. Plus, there's rare footage of Lee Germaine performing a sensual dance.
Bell, Bare And Beautiful(1963)
An ultra-rare H.G. Lewis "nudie" effort about a millionaire who seeks the gal of his dreams, a burlesque queen played by stripper Virginia Bell (48-24-36). In order to nab her, he must get past her tough mob-connected agent. Shot in Spartan's Tropical Gardens of Miami, Florida. With Thomas Sweetwood. 64 min. 
The Lullaby Of Bareland(1964)
Come on along and listen to..."The Lullaby of Bareland." And what a lovely tune it is: three sizzling, sexy short films that'll have you humming. "A Weekend with Virginia Bell" offers the bodacious stripper at her best; the ravishing "Anne Howe and The Beatlettes Go Nudist" at a carnal camp; and in "The Super's Dream," a janitor has his fantasies fulfilled. 90 min. 

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