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Betty Brosmer Gallery

    Betty began her modeling career at the early age of only 14 years and within a few months she was appearing on magazine covers as a curvy swimsuited beauty. She became a cheesecake legend with her 38-19-35 figure revealed in hundreds of teasing but never nude photo pictorials.

      Quite appropriately, with her perfect figure, in 1961 she married the man with the perfect physique, Joe Weider. In the years following she has not only been his favourite model but also has been an active partner in his health and fitness business. 

The photos on this page have been collected over a period of time from
the net and original location has been forgotten, so as much as I would like to
give credits for them, I don't know who to thank. My assumption is that they are
in the public domain, if I am mistaken and there are images violating existing
copyright laws please inform me via e-mail.

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