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Candy Barr Gallery

    Candy Barr was born Juanita Slusher on July 6, 1935 in the rural town of Edna, Texas. The story of her life is the material that movies are made from. The hardships began with her mother dying when she was at the age of nine leaving her father to raise a family of five. He remarried to a woman with four children and together they had two more of their own. Life was hard within the large family and Juanita ran away from home several times, leaving for good when she was in ninth grade. 

    While living in Dallas with one of her sisters young Juanita was forced at gunpoint to her first step to stardom. After meeting an older man at a club she went with him to his hotel and was forced into becoming the star of what became the most famous stag movie of the era, "Smart Alec"

    After passing through many jobs trying to scratch out a living she got her break into stripdom at Abe Weinstein's Colony Club. She soon became a top-biller and it was here that she became known as Candy Barr because of her appreciation for Snickers. It wasn't long before she became one of the top strippers in the country, eaning $100,000 a year with her 5'4" 38-22-36 curvaceous body.

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