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Lilly Christine Gallery

    Lilly was known as the "Cat Girl" for her feline symbolism on stage. With her shapely 37-22-35 figure she made a winning combination out of her early ballet training and her study of Hawaiian, Javanese and African dance. Her performances included the use of native costumes, although quite scanty, and were primitive in their nature. Her "Voodoo" dance could have been called a dance essay as it told the story of a woman who mixes love potions. Lilly of course being the cat-woman who mixes the potions. 

     Lilly constantly amazed people with her muscle control. It was her muscle control, giving her the suppleness of a cat, that earned her title of the "Cat Girl". Her father was a former physical education teacher and Lilly grew up in a family where health and exercise were of great importance. Lilly was a bit of a nature girl who loved fresh air, exercise and sunbathing in the nude, in order to keep up her magnificient bronzed skin. She studied Yoga and was very serious about her diet and nutrition, with an emphasis on vegeterianism.

     As well as her very popular night club appearances Lilly also took her talents to Broadway, with the 1950 Bert Lahr show "Burlesque"and Mike Todd's "Peep Show". She was also featured in the 1956 Broadway show "Strip for Action" where she performed "Voodoo".

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