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Dixie Evans Gallery

    One day when showing up for work at the Minsky-Adams Theater in Newark, N.J. in 1952  Dixie found herself billed as the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque. After a heated discussion with Minsky the name stayed and the Marilyn bit became part of Dixie's claim to fame. Dixie showed the world through her routines how Marilyn would look and act like if she were a stripper. Dixie borrowed Marilyn's hippy walk, her gestures and facial expressions and thrilled audiences wherever she performed. 

    Born Mary Lee Evans in 1926, Dixie began her career doing some modeling and chorus parts in army touring shows. In the late 40's she also made some cheescake reels for nickel arcade shows. Her only mainstream movie credit was in "The Greatest Show on Earth" where she played a harem girl. 

    Dixie began her career in Burlesque at the El Rey theater in Oakland in 1952 and worked the Kane circuit and houses through Dayton, Cleveland, Chicago and Boston. Her 5 '5", 37-26-37 frame became a headliner in every major city in the US. Retiring in 1967 Dixie has been running Exotic World: The Strippers Hall of Fame and Museum, which she had taken over from her friend Jennie Lee. 

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