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Tempest Storm Gallery

    Tempest Storm has been a legend in the world of burlesque for over five decades. Born into the world as Annie Blanche Banks on March 1, 1928, she was the daughter of a poor sharecropper in Georgia. As a teenager she resolved to get away and after a couple of marriages, pregnancies and abortions she finally got a break as a chorus line dancer in Los Angeles. Only after a few shows she was offered the opportunity to perform as a stripper. Her debut was at the El Rey Theater in Oakland and after making a big hit there the rest is history. It was at this time that she became known as Tempest Storm, a name which she made her legal name in 1957.

      Tempest has been featured in many magazines and several burlesque movies including Russ 
Meyer's French Peep Show, Teaserama, which also featured Bettie Page, Buxom Beautease , Strip Tease Girl and many more.

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